Should you ask for a mini-credit because you need money urgently?

In the current loan market, we have the possibility to access a payday loan at GADCapital that gives us the money we need in a matter of a few minutes. It seems a tempting offer because in less than a quarter of an hour we would have in our account an amount of money that could be up to 1,000 euros. Without having to move from home and any day of the year. However, like any financial product, we must not forget that we are contracting a debt with its corresponding commitment to pay. Therefore, in the face of the enormous ease that lenders allow us to access mini-credits, we must be careful, so we will see in what situations it is advisable to ask for them and in what situations.

Mini-credits must be returned in a very short time

We all feel great that our bank account receives some extra funds, it is always appreciated. However, the money that comes from the mini-credits is not ours, it is from an entity that lends it to you in exchange for some interest. So you always have to return it. So, if we spend the money from the mini-loan, we must be sure that we can have it again on the date that the reimbursement period ends. In the case of mini loans, the interest is of the highest (in comparison with other financial products), since the risk of default is higher than in other loans.

The ideal situation to request a mini credit is when we need a small amount of money right now that we do not have at this moment, but we are going to have a few days later or next month. Therefore, whenever we are going to request a mini loan we must stop to think if in the time that the term ends (30 days as a general rule) we will be able to return the amount that they granted us. If the answer is a resounding yes, there should be no problem when requesting it because we will have the capacity to return them. On the other hand, if we are not very sure that we can face the payment, it is better not to do this type of financing.

This is an example of situations where urgent mini-credits can come in handy: We are going to keep the account in the red and our bank charges us enormous commissions for this fact. With a mini-credit, we avoid banking discovery. In this way, at the time we receive our income again (payroll or pension, for example) we can cope with the reimbursement of the mini-credit.

Yes to a mini-credit? Compare among several

As we have seen, these small loans are for money emergencies that we know we will be able to repay in a short period of time. At the moment we understand that a mini-credit is the most appropriate option for our circumstances, we have to know that the market is full of companies that offer it. So we can compare several options and get more advantages with us. For example, we can find free minicréditos with which we will only have to return the money we request, without paying any interest. If we ask 300 euros, we return 300 euros.

Get installment loans from these 3 entities

Due to the great competition that exists in the financial market, lenders offer their loans at increasingly lower prices to attract new customers. Following this trend, some entities have decided to get on the car of interest-free loans. Now it is possible to obtain financing and return only the borrowed amount, not another euro. installment loans For Bad Credit Are A Smart Financial Move.

The best loans at 0% APR in the market

If we request one of the products that we will see next we will only have to return the borrowed money, nor one more euro. Of course, to enjoy the following offers we must comply with the lender’s conditions.

Vivus: free money for new customers

Vivus, a Spanish company specialized in the granting of mini-loans, offers interest-free loans of up to 300 euros to its new clients. Through its website, we can get the free money in a matter of minutes and return it within a maximum period of 30 days. To be granted these mini loans we must meet these requirements:

  • Be between 21 and 75 years old.
  • Reside in Spain
  • Have a sufficient level of income to be able to return the borrowed money.
  • Not be registered in any list of debtors such as Asnef, RAI, etc.

PepeDinero: mini interest-free loans of up to € 250

Another entity that offers mini loans without interest is PepeDinero. Thanks to the Godfather Program, if we go to this lender on the recommendation of a friend we can request up to € 250 to return in a maximum of 7 days without paying a single euro in commissions or interest.

Barclaycard credit cards: payment of purchases at 0% APR

Barclaycard credit cards allow us to return the total of our monthly purchases up to 59 days at 0% APR. That is, we can use the credit card and return all the money without interest after two months.

What happens if I do not repay the interest-free loans?

When we ask for money without interest we must return it within the term indicated in the contract. Otherwise, everything we have been able to save on commissions and interests will end up paying penalties for delay. In the face of default, entities usually apply these sanctions:

  • Commissions for claiming debtor positions. It is a fixed amount charged by the entity for informing us that we owe money.
  • Interest in delay. They are applied to the amount owed. By law, they can not exceed the normal loan interest by more than two points
  • Registration in a register of defaulters. If the default is prolonged, the lender could register our data in one or more lists of defaulters, with all the inconveniences that entail.
  • Judicial claim. It is the last resort for us to pay our debts. If we lose the trial, we will have to reimburse the credit and pay the penalties for delay and the costs of the judicial process.

Caution: not all interest-free loans are free

Free money is money that is returned without paying interest, commissions or any other additional expense. The interest-free loans that we have seen meet all these requirements, but there are others that are not really free. To distinguish between each other we must carefully read the contract to know if they will charge us for any concept (linked products, notary fees etc.). In addition, we should look at the APR and not the TIN: if the APR is 0%, we will not be charged interest or commissions.

Do not tell me that the name of the diet of yore is not cool

I also anticipate that it gives me a bit of laziness and malagana when, once again, I touch on these themes of popular, fashionable … or more simply, miraculous diets. The fact is that this particular has just left his country of origin, the United States (but I feel that threatens to do so) and bring it to the front today I know that I run the risk that, whatever he says, there will be who serve as a starting point to “prove” the nth dumb (face) … and that’s what makes me lazy and despair; but hey, we’ll take the risk.

How is the bulletproof diet born?

How is the bulletproof diet born?

This dietary approach stems from the imagination and one – person experience of Dave Asprey , technology investor, who claims to have invested more than 15 years and $ 300,000 to “hack” (cheat or pirate) his own biology and thus get: lose more than 45 kilos ; increase your IQ by more than 20 points; rejuvenate your biological age and; sleep more efficiently and therefore “lose less time” when doing it. And all thanks to its dietary system. Alone. And I say just because it also boasts of getting all this, especially the weight loss, without the need to do too much exercise (really nothing) and show a muscular development at least “interesting” : it does not have waste to take note of the conditions that, according to its author, have surrounded the circumstances of the photo in the previous link:

  • Sleeping less than 5 hours a day on average in the previous two years;
  • Without doing at that time hardly any physical exercise except 4 sessions of yoga and little else; Y
  • Eating an average of between 4000 to 4500 kcal per day.

According to the author it is about “reconnecting” the mind with its more corporeal biology and to teach you how to do it and that you know how to eat for that purpose has released its method in the form of a book and an important panoply of dietary supplements and other trifles between which includes a “induction” inducing blanket (worth the redun-dun-dancia) sleep to sleep more effectively ($ 50). But wait, there is still more that would say super-marathon, among his nonsense proposes the use of some “chistófanos” (which he markets, of course) to eliminate the “electropolución” of your electronic devices and thereby alleviate certain symptoms such as headaches, problems of concentration, confused thinking, agitation, fatigue and depressive states ($ 99). In case you go on a trip it also offers you the possibility of getting a travel-kit at a modest price, $ 49. And the thing continues, do not believe yourself: neuro-optimizers at a rate of $ 5,500 of fleece that includes the Norton 360 antivirus (… and for that price could include up to a Thermomix); a light bulb that facilitates the secretion of melatonin (this, look, only costs $ 15); a brain “focalizer” for only 600 cucumbers … what do you not know what a brain “focalizer” is for? Well, it’s easy: you put it where it comes from, the head, and it will help you according to Dave Asprey to make more lucid decisions, to improve your attention, to think more clearly, to develop your memory, to control your emotions and things by the style (what did you want me to do … miracles?). And there is more, but I do not have any more desire to continue. So if you are interested I invite you to visit his shop-web, packed with knick-knacks and various supplements.

What is the bulletproof diet?

If you have come this far, acknowledge it, the dietary questions bring you to pairo, what you have is wanting to have a few more laughs. The dietary approach as such is traca … In essence there is someone who has equated a diet type “paleo” … but its creator goes further and says that his approach, starting from that beginning, is “even better” : ” It is more effective that the classic paleodietéticos expositions “apostilla … takes geroma … , of the fire to the embers … or of Guatemala to Guatapeor … and with a pair.

With sincerity, I do not want to comment on the dietary nonsense that this man proposes and that lack of a null recognition by the scientific community and on which there is not an iota of scientific literature that corroborates its postulates . True to my critical tradition and for a better understanding, it is easier to discredit a certain dietary approach by looking at the “details” rather than at the core … let’s say that it is about following a more visual than conceptual strategy: Can you imagine Barça or Madrid jumping to the pitch with flip flops in a Champions League final? If that happened, you know well that they are neither Barça nor Madrid, so for what the hell are we going to be left to analyze “their game”. However, if you want, you have a summary of the food choices that this subject invites you to do to follow their method here I leave a link that makes an ultra summary of their approaches. As it well jumps at sight, although “his pyramid” has a pass (I do not think much less the worst) his way of putting it into practice contains details in my opinion absurd … starting with the glorification of organic products (and the criminalization of transgenics) and ending with the promotion of an exorbitant consumption of “good fats” … something that could be aligned with another dietetic-commercial rattle that we know for about 20 years as is the diet of the area .

How is it likely to be disclosed?

How is it likely to be disclosed?

It is likely that his assault on the old continent ( already occurring to some extent ) is encouraged by one of his most fanciful “weapons”: bulletproof coffee or what is the same, a preparation based on organic coffee, idem butter and coconut oil ditto (tranqui, Dave gives you everything in your online shop free of toxins) with which to have breakfast and tackle the grueling morning that one has ahead every day without temptations , hunger or snacking make a dent in the will of its consumers, besides providing an amazing energy (if you also take it in a beaker as he does in the video instead of the typical cup the effect should be multiplied by 10)

In summary

Few times and with such impudence a system or dietetic method is promoted (although it includes many other elements) with so much paraphernalia as to be able to consider it an archetype of what is known as a miracle diet . Its clear and unique objective: to make a box based on saying and selling gili-memeces taking advantage of the gullible desperation of some people . Falling into their networks has two clear consequences, surely a major impairment in the unwary’s economy and very likely a detriment to their health . I would not be surprised if in the next illustrated edition of the DRAE the entry “cantamañanas” brought a picture of Dave Asprey.